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A recent story about Internet Advertising from industry giant piqued our interest and is reprinted here with permission of
the author. We ask the question "what is different about Internet advertising in Ireland

Ireland Internet Advertising

Strangely enough, advertising does not work. At least, not in the way most people expect. According to the New York based company Newtek Business Services, there are 24.7 million small business owners in the U.S. and growing at the rate of 14% per year. If the advertising model most small businesses think works, then they would all have a Super Bowl commercial. You see, many small businesses believe the advertising ROI (return on investment) dollars, equates to a positive cash flow. If there were some type of guarantee that for every advertising dollar spent, a return of 10% or greater could be realized, everyone would have a prime-time television, radio or magazine ad campaign. SEO

Ford's Super Bowl Commercials

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For more than 30 years Ford has been the number one selling truck in the United states; with Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC and Toyota all spending huge amounts of cash advertising their competing units. To some it may seem a very risky move for Ford to cancel their Super Bowl (cost; $3.8 million dollars per 30 second spot in 2013) ad campaign, but then again Ford took no bailout money. "Customers are spending as much time with the mobile smart phone or online as they are watching TV now, so our advertising dollars have to flow to where the people are," Ford's marketing chief Jim Farley told Reuters in an interview in November 2010. What does Ford know that no one else does?

This discussion started about small business advertising and whether or not there is any relation between companies with national Super Bowl ads, World Cup advertisements, Formula 1 Racing advertisements and advertising for small businesses in Ireland? The answer is still no, not if the advertisement is expected to produce more or at least break even with its cost. It is time to recognize your advertising costs to be a business imperative. Just like electricity and office space your ad spend is a cost of doing business.

A large city in the mid-west has 33 pages of "Plumbers" listed in the Yellow Pages with 13 of those pages being full page ads. The cost for a full page ad is $5,000 per month with an annual contract. ($60,000 per year). The remaining 20 pages are "single file" listings of other plumbers. No way to tell if these competing plumbing companies are family owned shops or a guy with a pick-up truck and some hand tools. How are you going to justify a $60,000 ad spend in a media almost no one uses?

Do similar advertising challenges face small businesses in English speaking countries like the British Isles, England and Ireland? Do Irish businesses recognize how essential effective advertising is to business success?

There is very little argument that falling ad revenue is leading to the apparent demise of US newspapers. Irish circulation drops because many people are not getting their news from newspapers. There is also not much argument about an obvious lack of Yellow Page usage. Many traditional advertising agencies have enjoyed a real time, "disconnect" with the consumers of their clients. They are creative and media buyers in the "good old boy network". Many small Irish businesses do not even have an advertising budget let alone an ad agency. The mantra from traditional advertising agencies is "test, test, and test" to track and see what works.

Irish Small Business Advertising

Those small businesses without an ad budget are prime candidates for failure or at the very least doomed to suffer from little or no growth. The lesson here is how do I get my marketing and advertising message in Ireland, to "where the people are?"

Where are the people? In 2006 Google reported 2.7 billion searches a month, in 2009 that number grew to 66 billion a month and today it's 3 billion a DAY! 90% of all people with internet access now search for products and services on-line and 80% of them never go past the first page. Here is the one constant: when your potential new customers use the Internet to find the product or service he wants; if your company is not standing in front of him / her, that customer goes to your competitors.

"Telling" is not "selling".

Salespersons are always told, "telling is not selling" however, at Ireland Internet Advertising we believe education is the cornerstone to making an informed decision about advertising and marketing your business online. There is no Ireland phone directory in the city where your vacation visitors live. Even though they do not know you, potential new customers are trying to find you. Whether you need a complete Website or to refresh and old out of date Website, Ireland Internet Advertising has the competence, skills and creativity to help you, "stand in front" of new customers looking for your products or services. Are you looking to create a blog or join a social media network? Put our experience and knowledge to work for you. contact: Internet Advertising Technologist -  Richard Wise


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